Raw, unedited, immediate. Spontaneous recordings with my little pocket camera.



These videos may not sóund silent, but Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is what we are!

It is the source of all of life, including hearing sounds. But when we are aware of being aware, and consciously present ás that, Silence is everywhere.

YouTube videos

I 'm one of the co hosts in ‘The Pure Presence Book Club’ organised by Bill Free. In the live web meetings we explore books on non-duality, and share insights coming from our own experience.

For more chapters and all the co-hosts see Bill Free’s YouTube channel

Books by Rupert Spira

Being Aware of Being Aware (2019)


The Intimacy of All Experience (2018)

For Rupert Spira's YouTube channel

The Intimacy of All Experience


The Art of Peace and Happiness (2018)

The Nature of Consciousness (2017-2018)

The Nature of Consciousness

The Transparancy of Things (2019)

Book by Jean Klein 

I Am  (starting May 2019)


I Am (last chapters August 8, 2019)