I know what it feels like when residues of separateness echo in the body. To experience contraction, anxiety and pain, expressing the belief that I am the body, or there is ‘a me’ residing in the body. This core wound ignites fighting, resisting, needing to survive, seeking relief or healing. Trying to think my way ‘out of suffering’. And I know how much it can hurt.

But, I also know that we are invited to discover what we already are. To not only see but expérience freedom from this belief, being open and unlimited. To explore what is real, instead of living by the learnt and appárently true.

Not because we need to find something new, but looking with new eyes, seeing what has always been here.


If you want to share, or look together into any aspect of your life, if you want to know who you are….I am here for you.


For artists

Sell your work, not your soul!

What is it like to create art from an authentic place? To stay in touch with the deepest drive to express, even if it needs to be translated into a commercial product.
How to take the time in the midst of a process, to go deep, to dare to let go of your ideas you hold onto, which block freshness, openness, experiment.
Are you willing to stay close to yourself, so your uniqueness shines, even if it is clumsy, uncertain, or seemingly ugly? To discover what yóu are here to express, and maybe most importantly, what you already áre?!

I support you in that.

Due to the Covid pandemic, there is nothing planned.

We can meet through Skype or by phone in a one hour session. In-person meetings, especially for artists, usually last one and a half hour. Location: close to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

For any questions, or inquiries about rates & policies, please send me a message through the Contact page