I am Anneke Broertjes, a Dutch woman, mother of two lovely daughters, artist and former art teacher, fashion designer and television presenter.

Nowadays my artwork expresses what I know the truth of, consciously using my skills to illustrate the discoveries, insights and contemplations. Making paintings, photo’s or videos, and writing have become ‘doorways’, but also a means to acknowledge what is revealed.

Creating through all these forms is an ‘abiding as I am’. It brings boundless joy.

My spiritual quest

Due to my history, there was this fierce seeking, and a vague yearning for 'home', hoping to find freedom and joy. But also an intense resistance, nót wanting to be human, and discarding the body. This story speaks of an experience of realization at a young age, of forgetting it, and remembering. Of waking up.

Of course this is about Anneke’s specific journey. But, I am sharing it with you as an illustration of what one can run into when life takes a turn. When attention moves into a so called spiritual direction. The pitfalls, questions, doubts, the insights and discoveries are woven into and made visible by the description.

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