This is a site about non-duality and what it means to live a life from the recognition of what we really are. Everything you find here is referring to and coming from that realization.

I love this subject! My heart wants to speak, and paint pictures of what cannot be captured in words or images…yet it does. It wants to express! Just for the sheer joy of it.

When you say I, or I say I, we are, consciously or not, speaking of the very same ever present Being. When asked about this I, we become aware: “Oh…I ám..and I knów that I am”. Then we may explore deeper: ”Well then, who or what is this I that I am?”

You are so welcome Here! How could it be otherwise, when you discover that what you are is Life itself! Life, not only silently being the background of all that can be known, but also the very essence of an ever-changing reality that arises out of itself.

Being dancing as endless possibilities, appearing to be thoughts, feelings, music, bodies, art, clouds, a cup of tea… being you, being Anneke.

That is where we meet. That is where ‘we’ are one.